What kind of consultation do I need? 


Laura specialises in her Predictive Astrology, which gives you an accurate timeline with key events in your past, present & future, but ultimately it will depend on what questions you have, or what themes of your life you wish to cover. For example, Compatibility sessions can relate to any members of your family or friendship groups. 



1 hour/hour and a half

Predictive Astrology

Laura specializes her consultations through the use of Transits, Progressions, Directions. Midpoints and Intuition to interpret the birth chart and updated readings.

1 hour/hour and a half

Marriage Timing

Based on the two parties involved in the union, Laura finds the midpoint of the planetary positions combined with the use of progressions and directions within the charts to give the best date for the union to take place.

1 hour/hour and a half

Location Astrology

This involves finding the best location for you to live and work, and what you are experiencing by being in that location. This uses Maps of the location with your planets overlaying it along with your progressed planetary positions. This gives quite a detailed interpretation of what you feel like in that location

1 hour/hour and a half

Medical Astrology

Each planet has a rulership to a part of the body thus telling you where the potential problem might be. It also lets you know if it’s a chronic issue and/or a temporary malady.

1 hour/hour and a half

Compatibility Chart

This chart shows how compatible you are with another person and or situation. Timing is also used to see when you can become more balanced with the other.

1 hour/hour and a half

Solar/Lunar Return Chart

Laura gives the best location to have your birthday anywhere in the world. This helps to emphasize the positive and diminish the negative aspects during a return.





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all readings are done over the phone (internationally too.)

1. Contact Laura with your full D.O.B (Month, Day, Year & Time + Place of Birth).

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2. Laura will send you an invoice prior to your consultation.