Lecture Titles




The Lunar Nodes give us the connections made from past, present and future lives and how they effect our potential to advance on our path both on a psychological and spiritual level. In this lecture Laura shows how the nodes move on a 18.6 year cycle and how they effect our karmic choices in life.


Laura has had a great interest in how one can heal their body through the knowledge of Astrology. In this lecture she combines Astrological knowledge along with timing and the use of Lunar Energy.  Attendees can gain much insight on the cause and effect of dis-ease in their chart and use this knowledge even for times to gain and or  loose weight and when to cut our hair using lunar phases.  This a fun lecture and Laura likes to use it as a tool to  being able to use this insight to guide others.    


Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is such a beautiful planet, having moved into its own sign offers us a glimpse into the Pisces Reality, which seems to reach some of the highest levels of spirituality as well as the lowest depths of isolation. It is an elusive planet and hard to describe accurately, as it has such depth of illusion with so much visionary potential. Laura will reveal what she's seen with Neptune by doing astrological consultations over the last 30+ years and will give resolutions to some of its more challenging aspects. Laura will also address how Neptune effects the relationships that we choose as well as who's the matter with me with regards to our health.  


When we are in the right relationship we are healthy and vital with a good since of timing. When we are in a difficult one, we seem to have health issues as well  psychological difficulties. Laura will use our natal Venus Saturn aspects along with midpoints and solar arcs to give you timing on when there is a potential to have something that could go wrong with our health.. Laura will show how future trends and cycles affect each of us in multiple areas, but specifically how relationship can affect our health and well being. Major events can also be forecasted in relationships easily through the dial and midpoint structures. Laura likes to make this fun, so please bring your charts and enjoy.